Welcome to Gioshi Enterprises Limited

Gioshi Enterprises Limited is a creation intended to develop products, services and solutions that inspire contemporary living that is refined on a local touch. Gioshi Enterprises has had a front row seat to the rapidly evolving present-day environment and yet this isn’t enough. We constantly challenge ourselves to stay flexible and efficient and are always ready to change in sync with our clients. Please use the rest of the website to find out more about whom we are  what we do and why doing business with Gioshi Enterprises simply makes business sense.

“Our goal is simple. Our mission is clear. Gioshi will set high standards and will exceed them.”


We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We offer reassurance through our ability to listen to and understand what our clients need. Our focus is on connecting and sharing with our clients to respond to them and their needs, whatever they are and regardless where they are located.


Our focus is on the clients using our products and services. This goes far beyond logistics. It means taking care of them, whoever they are, and whatever they need. It relies on natural kindness and the sense of individual service.


We have a passion for creating the best office environment for our customers. We want our customers to see the potential their office holds and as a place where they can get the most out of their working day. We use our expertise, ideas and solutions to serve our customers.


We are straightforward and transparent in our dealings with all our clients.


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